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pokeranger, I don’t agree with your statement “technically both communism and capitalism hand the same goal , to create a utopian society where every one is equal”

Communism is a hard line dictatorship that only has the communist make and have wealth by taking the wealth of others. Communism there is no freedom to build your own business. The communist government owns every business and homes, the people are not able to own anything. In write Communism it says that there goal is everyone will be equal, that in reality is not true in all Communist countries. The Communist live a life of the elite rich eating the best foods, owning the best cars, homes and taking control of all the businesses that others built.

I know this for a fact, my grandfather and father had to give there business in Cuba to the government, there house too! Then they asked for everyone to turn in the jewelry, and gold and silver for the better good of the communist revolution. There is nothing equal about that.

Now lets talk about capitalism. It is not perfect system but the people that work hard and have an idea can with time build a business as I did and my father did. I know this for a fact! My father came to America with one dollar and was able to build many businesses. He owns his own house, two cars. He is able to buy all the food he like to eat, he has health care and a retirement plan. I also own my own home. I have the freedom to buy whatever I want. I also have the freedom to write this and tell you what I believe in and not be put in jail. Capitalism is a way to be able to do and make all that you want if you have the right ideas, have goals, work hard then you will make it in Capitalism. No were in Capitalism does it say that it will make everyone equal, no were. If you know of any Capitalism book that says this please post it because I want to know who wrote it.

Now Communism books do say that everyone will be equal which is a lie!! That is only one place were everyone will be equal. Heaven! God is the only way to equality for all.