If you can afford one, by all means get one.
But I still say the cannon needs to be signed out to you.
The plane will be registered and titled to you as it is.

No not a thing special about them.

But there is an acountability within the .mil and .gov for those same items.
Signing out the guns, ammo, other toys. Or they are assigned to a certain person (s).

If you watch Border Wars, you get to see them signing their long guns in and out at the end of their shifts. Ammo for them too.
The military? Signs for everything.

As an LEO, I was issued and signed for everything they gave me.
Some went back at the end of shift, some when I left.
But everything was accounted for.

I don’t disagree that everything available to the .gov should be available to the general public, with a few exceptions.
Nuclear weapons, rocket propelled grenades and the like for example.
Too much chance for misuse or accidents.

You will note that the Ft Hood shooter used handguns, the big stuff thankfully wasn’t available. What might have happened if he had gotten his hands on explosives or worse?

What happens when gang bangers start doing drive bys with RPGs?
Its bad enough now without adding to the casualty list.

Again, yes I think most things should be available, but accountable.
You have a nationally recognized drivers license, ccw should be also.
But there are standards that everyone who has a drivers license must pass no matter where they live.
Without similar standarss, nationwide CCW is unlikely to ever happen.