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they’ll have to find me first, I don’t intend to be that easy to find, my area is a very rural, very hilly, very remote area of the country, a long way from motorways and large cities. I have just been to see a place that is so far off the beaten track I don’t think anyone would find it, off road, long track in, surrounded by woods, private water and drainage, lots of store sheds and barns, now all I need is £225,000 to buy it with…….now where did I put that lottery ticket?????? MB I’m planning on a future world where there IS no power, no fuel, no food deliveries, that had always been my plan all along. in a serious TEOTWAWKI/life changing event the “die off” will be HUGE, 85% of the UK population lives in cities and will be dead long before they even THINK of going anywhere much less actually doing it.

British Survivalist.