<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Tolik wrote:</div>Thats why we need a revolution , force the change to absolute and literal adherence of the constitution . ” shall not be infringed “…………in ANY way , if your rich enough , you should be allowed to buy a tank if you want to .

If you’re rich enough, you can buy a tank. They are out there.

Good grief, we don’t need a revolution.
Take a quick look at places that rebelled in the last 40 years.
What happened to them?

Name one where things improved.

What makes you think “your” side would win?
What makes you think “your” side is right?

Every time I hear the rebellion bit I go back and reread Heinlein’s “Beyond This Horizon”. And I am reminded of the “Survivors Club” therein.

There are limits to even constitutional rights, the First for example.
Yes you have the right to free speech, but that doesn’t give you the right to yell fire in a crowded theater, or the right to threaten someone’s life, or to say things viciously and maliciously that ruin someone’s life or business.

The Second, there has to be some limits.
Grenade launchers are fun, but one hardly needs one.
There is no practical use for one, unlike a suppressor.
You can’t hunt with one, home defense with one?
So much for the wall. And people think its stupid to use a full power rifle in an urban area, the grenade launcher is asinine.
Fun and available if you have enough cash, and regulated as certain things should be.

Regulated? Of course. Certain items such as explosives, grenade launchers, machine guns should be regulated and tracked.
Should they be available? Yes but again regulated and tracked.

Why? Says the freedom loving patriot?

Simple, cause there are rectal sphincters out there who would misuse them given the chance.

Look at the Jewish schools and buildings shot up in the last decade. What might the body count be if the scumbag had access to an RPG rather than a shotgun or AK?
Or the theater shooting? A proper machine gun rather than an AR with crappy mags?

And don’t say concealed carry would stop it all, it hasn’t in Israel. You can be shredded in the blast or shot with the first burst like anyone else. What it changes is the targets, they choose gun free zones instead of places they would get shot.

I want a full auto, I can get one.
And bluntly, like anything it should be properly stored.
That’s part of the regulations. As well it should be.
Years ago, the neighbor kids broke in and stole a few guns, robbed a few places and got themselves caught.
Now what would have happened if I just happened to have an Uzi laying around?

What if the murderer of the two NYPD officers had stolen a full auto gun rather than a handgun? The general public was already at risk of him missing and shooting them, but a gun he couldn’t control? How many innocents might have been hit? It was a housing development they were in. How many kids were there?

Sorry but there has to be limits.
Some laws should go away certainly, but some only need tweaking.

Registration of conventional arms? Of course not.
Of unconventional arms? Of course, if just to track them in case of theft and preventing the same.
Certain items should be heavily watched.

You wouldn’t want some home grown islamist to walk into the school with easily obtained semtex or an RPG.

Beware of what you ask for, you might get what you deserve.