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Water was a prime consideration in where we chose to move. Aside from the issue of water for personal use, as small farmer gardeners a necessity. Several properties we liked better we found that the source of the water, in our case springs, was not on the property. Or, upstream from a year round creek there were agricultural pollution issues so we could not expect to be able to pump from the creek onto crops without compromising food crops. Out west, some friends are growers that have gone to court because the source of water starts on their property and when they made changes, created holding ponds etc it cut off what flowed downstream to others whom had been depending on it. Know what is upstream of the water, know the source or beginning, and ideally, have it on property you control.
We use a floating solar pump in our pond that pumps on a timer, quietly, water as needed to our small orchard and some other berry patches. I built T posts at end of garden beds from which buckets, covered with fine mesh collect water. The buckets have coupling near buttom I cut out and glued in to which are attached drip tape. If there is not enough rain to keep them filled I use water saved in rain barrels to fill them. Recently got a flojak hand pump for the well and was pleased how well it works and simple to use when needed.

I would also suggezt to learn and practice how to douse or water witch…I learned and practiced with a gentleman that worked for a well driller in our area. Many think its a bunch of hooey…from my experience it is not. My thoughts on water at the moment…