Wyoming, like Vermont, Alaska and Arizona has constitutional carry.
We also have CCW permits, for those who may leave and visit other places. And 36 states recognize that permit, the places that don’t, who wants to visit anyways?

The bonus? We don’t have to call in for a background check to huy a firearm here if you have your CCW, it replaces it, you’ve already been cleared. You walk in, slap down your ID, your CCW and your money and fill out the form and you’re out as soon as you finish scribbling the 4473 out.

And one sideline item, as a former cop I liked to see CCW permits.
They showed in an instant that the holder wasn’t a criminal.
They may not like the .gov, but they played by the rules and had taken the time and effort to get the permit and weren’t likely to do something stupid to endanger that permit.
And most were very friendly during our brief contacts.
That whole, an armed society is a polite society.

Take a look at the reciprocity laws of the other states and take them to your legislators, you might just make it happen.

As for screw york, I will reserve my comments.