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why do you think they are investing freedom? maybe getting rid of useless dollar before it bottoms out after all china hold 1/3 of your debt and russians hold untold billions since glasnost. Might as well buy you out at bargain basement prices . as for stuff selling well in florida http://insiderealestate.heraldtribune.com/2013/10/02/shadow-inventory-will-hang-over-florida-for-two-years/

basically selling properties for less than they are worth, you call that success freedom?

chinese have went from 3.4 trillion in combined cash and bonds to less than 2 now they know if they exit too fast they will lose if they exit slow enough they will buy america for a few trillion in plastic junk what a steal. If american decides to not honor land holdings they have two choices world court or war. either one would lead to disaster for everyone.