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Merry Christmas MountainBiker, tweva and the rest of the SHTF School. It’s the solstice today so the light will be coming back into the world tomorrow. It will help everyone’s mood… A good hit of fermented cod liver oil wouldn’t hurt either!

I’m not much of a gift giver, consumerism and all that, but I’ve had some bad news this fall about how sick some of my extended family have become. The word Alzheimer’s disease is being whispered and I have another relative with chronic sinus infections. She now lost her voice and she’s a lecturer at a local university. She uses two hearing aids and she is younger than me.

I’ve been doing some research and I hope to make up a few remedies…. But the greatest gift we can give our families is our devotion and love. I feel the last couple of years I have been too focused on myself. I’m hoping I can change my ways in the coming future.