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Here it is fairly quiet as well. There is also very little light pollution (I do contribute my share however with some of my solar motion lights around some outbuildings at the moment). I know many people who can not stand being in there own house without ‘noise’, a TV, music whatever —and in fact a number that can not fall asleep without the TV on. This boggles my brain.

Have many friends that will not come to an evening at my home because it is ‘so dark’ and there are ‘no streetlights’…and many roads are not well ‘lined’ and narrow. They honestly aren’t worried about the deer or other wild life jumping out in front of their vehicle (which keeps many of us locals at home at night in high season)….it’s the thought of ‘rocketing through the dark’ into the unknown…and what if they breakdown’ (all have cell phones).

My elderly father now living here is still totally freaked by the quiet…and the dark at night. He is constantly going around locking doors on me (I have more than a few). The satellite TV went out in his apartment in the last wind storm and he was completely rattled, entire routine totally f-d with – no TV, no noise – gasp. Didn’t know what to do with himself….and he was really, honestly anxious and afraid.

Anyway, yes the quiet will be deafening – people forget how quiet it was after 9/11 alone (without the air traffic alone) – remember how tht freaked people. I walk around my place at night ll the time. I love the quiet – I can think much better and it’s very peaceful