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Well, I think it all depends on what the event(s) is/are doesn’t it? Because in my way of thinking, I think God is going to have a pretty big hand in things as will Mother Nature. So, if there are floods, shifts, whatever and the course of rivers change, enlarge, some land disappears and some emerges….I don’t think there is going to be anything like a centralized government about for a long, long time…anywhere. It will take decades for leaders to emerge and seek/ reach out and find those other survivors and groups.

Leading up to this is an entirely different matter IMHO. Our community group is thinking/preparing on the ‘ripple effect/concentric circle’ theory. Start planning for where you are, immediately around you, then think and plan for outside that when and if one can. We’re ‘out’ about a 6 mile radius right now. That’s enough to do/plan for for all the possible scenarios.

And Lone Wolf, we are trying to plan for and imagine…yes, something better. I agree with you totally. Why try and replicate a failed experiment?