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How or why is a FAL more ergo for you. Are you using an after market stock….I’m curious. Also can a FAL be accurized without costing a fortune?

The action sounds like a Remington 760, or 870 shotgun.

Accurized, yes but only so far.
By changing to a high end barrel, with a tighter chamber and lockup you can get the FAL down to a respectable level, but you may sacrifice some combat reliability due to the tighter tolerances.
Most good FALs can shoot around 2″ with good ammo, 4″ with mixed ammo and factory sights.

Aftermarket stock, no.
Actually my FAL is a Rhodie, with the long South African stock.
The only change I need is a DSA semi auto safety selector, the rest of the controls fit more naturally than anything except a lightly customized AR.

I had one of the Izzy Heavy Barrel FALO models, and while it was very accurate, it also weighed a metric ton.

I have yet to have a quality FAL with a decent barrel thay can’t shoot better than I can, at least when optics aren’t used.

There is a limit to practical accuracy, and anything that I can see that needs shooting, I can hit with my FAL. If I can’t see the target, having a 1/2″ gun won’t make any difference.