On another note , Putins current approval ratings are at 84% in his country . That is not likely to change soon , even if the economy hits hard times , unlike us , he does understand his own people very well . Your talking about a leader that has not known such popularity within his own country , sense Roosevelt in the 30’s and 40’s here . So we think we will be able to influence that population with sanctions ? We are the enemy in their eyes , not because they want it that way , but because we want it that way . Thats how they see it . As far as the Chinese inventing anything , why should they ? when our corporations give it to them on a silver platter to produce for them ? All they have to do is copy it , then sell it back to us at half the price . In that respect , which one is actually the stupid one ? Its a communist country , they can sign all the non compete agreements that make us feel better they want to , but once its in their country , its fair game . We know this , yet continue to keep doing what we are doing .
MountainBiker , Russia has also come a long way in a short amount of time , changing over to a government and economic system that was diametrically opposed to each other , is not an easy task . They now have more millionaires than the US , or western Europe . THey have a long way to go , but one thing westerners , especially Americans dont get ………..is that they will never be like we are . They will never be that liberal ……..ever . We need to accept them for that , as they have a right to be that way . We need to stop criticizing every little thing about them on one hand , then be all hugs and kisses with middle eastern muslims like the Saudi’s and not say a word on the other hand . Remember Saddam Husein ? we helped create that monster .Just sayin .