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namelus, what country do you live in and are you native to there? Americans tend to be very self-critical as evidenced by the Americans on this forum forever complaining about our govt. and other assorted matters. We are well aware of our problems and admit that the trend lines aren’t good. It is just that wherever I look the rest of the world is either linked to the US in a way that our downfall will mean their downfall or they have problems equal to or greater than our own. China is particularly bad off for reasons already noted. I hold out some hope for Russia eventually, but they will continue to be plagued for quite a long time to come with the repercussions of the Soviet Union era. There are a couple bright spots in Europe still, but Europe as a whole is also on a down slide too. Africa is a complete disaster and beyond hope. The Mid East is hell bent on self destruction. South America has held itself back for so long that it seems entrenched for quite a long time to come. India has come a long way in a short time and has had amazing success but their over population relative to their resources will continue to plague them for the foreseeable future. I understand that much of the world hates the US, but they never seem to refuse our foreign aid or having our military protect them, and a major share of their elite continue to send their kids to our private high schools and to our universities. They buy homes in the US in droves (especially the Chinese these days), and there is a whole industry out there catering to foreign elites who come to the US for their kids to be born and have US citizenship (again, especially the Chinese these days). The illegals from Mexico & Central America get all of the publicity, but there is great demand on the part of the world’s educated and ambitious doing whatever they have to to get into the US.

Good luck to you in your chosen country, but for me, acknowledging that we have many serious problems to contend with, I don’t see any place else I’d rather take my chances in. If I felt compelled to leave, it would be for Canada ( I am a dual citizen).