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What inventions have you done recently or is this like every other “fallen” empire dreams of past glory no way to get it back? Name one superpower that has risen again in our earths history?

as for inventions


notice the last Industrial design registrations in force for the top 10 offices, 2012
that mean held and being used

1 China 1,132,132
2 United States 269,501

why would Chinese invent something huh? Just like all the post ww2 inventions never would have thought those would come from paper clip recruits?

how is this even close to USA are inventors bs your are spouting freedom?

investors in the world usa is top with a 181 billion according to FDI of 2014 with china at 124 billion russia 58 billion. Ask yourself is “investing” money considering debt structure is china has 31.6% to gdp
usa 72.5% russia is around 13% a mere reflection of spending other peoples money as you cant really afford it?
Putting another fancy dinner with clients that you hope pays off in future?or is it betting your future on a lottery ticket win? or a lucky day at the track? Betting with money you dont have and owe interest on immediately.

Think freedom if china turned production for 10 years only sold to Chinese and bought all materials and produced as much as today it would raise the standard of living to low middle class in usa equivalent in china and put their debt at 45% to gdp since most chinese collect and save money unlike usa who collect debt. could usa survive without cheap goods? peopel kill each other over a parking spot a cheap item on black friday….. what will happen when shops have no junk to sell?

there is a long dark spot before any light my country too will face this pain but longer we deny it the longer it will fester the more it will cost us to fix. No country doing what USA is has lasted so long world reserve currency was a boon that was squandered on cheap plastic disposable walmart junk. wait till you need to buy other currencies like the rest of the world to get your toys. The north american yuan exchange was won by Canada

as for biggest buyers a buyer is someone who has something to exchange for goods a thief is someone who takes it without paying…. without FED and china you would have no one to buy your debt you are bankrupt buying on credit past due.

as for free to set up any business? lets look at that, first you need to incorporate then you need to get licence
after than you need to pick spot in correct zoning then you need tax number then you need banking registration. then you need fire marshal ok that is not at all asking government for permission does it? lets see what happens if you fail to do anyone of these i think we all know guess what government shuts you down and in some cases jails you while holding your money.

you mean free to have them take your property to the tune of 2.6 billion seized by police last year. wow such freedom or maybe so free to get groped at airport for security theater? Or stopped and asked to show me your papers or that is resisting arrest which you can die for while handcuffed in the back of a police car. at least here we take you out to freeze to death on side of road in middle of winter with t shirt and jeans you have some chance of making it. You dont have freedom unless you do what they say and when. you probably believe the line they hate us for our freedom… has nothing to do with your foreign policy of telling other people you need to do it OUR WAY not the way your own people decide.

For the cars it is a statement they dont sell to usa because they have other markets which usa products can never penetrate due to cost and inferior craftsmanship. what you said about chinese was what was said about japan a few decades agos the best seconds ever, now which is top and which is bottom

Where i live only freedom we dont share is the guns unless you have an old licence for prohibited which you cant get any more, unless you are special.