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Tolik, I see your point but see my point that is do you see or find another country that is producing inventions like the U. S.? Also Europe has had the Social problem of no work or jobs for years, Spain has a 50% unemployment and France, Italy has the same problems. There young have had the problems of living on the government for years. China doesn’t have a middle class. If you are not part of the government and pay the government more then 50% of your revenue you can’t do business. In China the government owns everyone’s business, they are your partner and they can close you down. So why would any Chinese invent anything if it will be owned by the government?

Right now the U. S. is still the largest inventor in the world, the only other counties that invent are Germany, South Korea, Japan which has slowed down on inventions, and a small amount of inventions come from some European countries.

We invent and then let China produce the products because it is cheaper, but without the inventions of the U. S. companies the Chinese will have a problem.

Russia has a lot of riches in natural resources like oil and gas but so does the U. S.

If there was a U. S. collapse I see the rest of the world in a collapse too and at the end if the U. S. stops imports because of the collapse it may start the beginning of a comeback of manufacturing our product in the U. S.

Tolik I still think that the conservatives are about 40 to 48% of the country and we will be the one’s to rebuild the country back to what it was. I believe my friend, I love all of you guys more then what you think and I still believe in America and in all of us. We are stronger and smarter. We will turn America around.