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Tolik, coming from Massachusetts and now living in Vermont, I am long used to conservatives very much being in the minority but I would note that the huge permaculture movement where I used to live and the back to the land movement in general was entirely comprised of very liberal young people. I see the same thing where I live now. Given New England isn’t exactly the easiest place to be starting up agricultural endeavors due to climate and topography, they are an innovative and hard working lot. The young conservative types mostly headed for the cities where the money is.

Loss of the manufacturing base will bite us hard one of these days. Where I used to live there had been a huge tap and die industry once upon a time but its mostly gone now and the skilled guys are up in age. Such skills take time to acquire.

There is no doubt but that our national affluence in combination with our having not had war come to our land for the past 150 years has made us grow soft in many ways but if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on our facing into the harsh realities when they hit and doing better than most countries will. It is hard to erase the underlying culture that made this country great.