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namelus, Really good post but 99% is not true. First where is every big product invented? iPhone, xBox, internet companies(Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook,) and so much more. Name me a large world wide product invented in China or Russia?

The U. S. is still the world’s largest inventor of products!!

The only countries other then the U. S. that invent product development are South Korea, Japan, and Germany and they are no where close to the U. S.

When the U. S. goes down the rest of the world will be all thrid world countries.

Where does China sell there products to? U. S.
Where does Germany sell there cars to? U. S. We are the largest buyer, period. Germany will collapse.
Where does South Korea sell there cars to? U. S.
Where does Japan sell there products to? U. S. Japan will collapse, they are almost there right now.

If all of Europe depends on selling 80 to 90% of there products to the U. S. and the U. S. collapse then where is Europe going to get there Euro’s to buy gold or rubles to pay for the oil? Collapse!!! Russia, collapse!!!

It will be a dominoes! namelus have you ever played dominoes? Well if you have then you know what will happen to you.

namelus, you must not live here in the U. S. where it is still one of the best place to live, where you still can buy and food in the world, any car in the world, where I am free to travel anywhere I want, where I can own any gun or rifle I want.

I have been a business man all my life, been all over Europe, parts of Central and South America and done business in China so I can tell you as of today the best place and safest country in the world is still the U. S.

When I went to all of these countries for the last 30 years I saw and meet many people like you which hated the U. S. and for years have told me that the end was close. The only problem is there own countries sold more then 50% of there exports to the U. S. so if we go down then the world will hit the dirt and have to eat dirt.

Tolik on your “If our biggest resource are our people ……………….we are F*cked !” Well there is a problem with many young Americans but there is still the inventions of new products here from the young, Facebook is one billion+ company and there are many more like it.

My two kids are hard workers and students. I see all the friends they are with and there friends are the same, wanting the American dream. Yes there is a group of free loaders out there but this has not stopped the U. S. from being the largest inventor and the largest country of business owners.

In the U. S. anyone with an idea can still setup a business. I know for a fact that this is not true in Europe, or China where you have to go though the government to setup any business. In Europe you can’t fire your employee even if they do not work!! Wow! That is why they will never be like the U. S. production.

namelus, I know for a fact because of all the other post you have done here that you do not like the U. S.
Well all I can tell you is to keep wishing your dream of the U. S. collapsing but you better prepare better then we are because if the U. S. collapse where you are living will be eating dirt.

The U. S. is the largest importer of products from all over the world.

Where you live people go buy a shirt or pants maybe once a year, here we buy shirts and pant all the time, we do not fix appliances, we throw them away. Do you know what that means? It means we are the largest buyers in the world. The world depends on the buyers(Americans). They may think that we are crazy but that is why they are able to sell so much to us.

I know all of this because I have been all over the world. American closet are sometimes bigger then some bedrooms in other countries!! We are buyers of your products. There are no other buyers like Americans.

Sorry to break the news to you but prepare for you world to come down even harder in the U. S. collapse.