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namelus, China is not the country I’d put my money on. They cannot feed their own population due to pollution, lack of water, and lack of agricultural lands. Their economy is perhaps the greatest ponzi the world has ever seen. The only technology they have is that which they have stolen from the US and elsewhere. They are very good at copying it is all. They know this and it is perhaps why they have been getting so aggressive militarily. They need to conquer those who have resources while they’re still in a position to do so.

I wouldn’t count the US out just yet. We have vast resources and a culture that will rise to the occasion when the time comes. It has always been a source of innovation and problem solving when push came to shove. We’ve done it before even it it appears we have grown lazy and complacent (which we have to a point I will admit).

Russia is interesting. Vast resources, low population, and a history of being willing to make whatever sacrifices are needed. Their day in the sun may yet come.

Europe has a growing problem of Islamization which doesn’t bode well and the many languages and cultures will yet again be an impediment when times get tough.