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Cuba not returning to capitalism despite U.S. deal: Castro’s daughter.

Well that is not news to me! Here is some more from his daughter,

“The people of Cuba don’t want to return to capitalism,” Mariela Castro, a member of parliament”

“But even if all U.S. barriers to Cuba were lifted, any U.S. companies would still need permission from Cuba’s communist government to do business on the Caribbean island.”

“We’ve been at this 56 years and … we love saying that we are a country in revolution, trying to create socialism, and we form part of a single party called the Communist Party,” Mariela Castro said.”

Cuba almost always demands a controlling stake, which has discouraged some companies from elsewhere in the world from investing. Imports to Cuba are administered by state holding companies, meaning that U.S. companies would not be able to simply find a buyer and ship goods in.

Well the Cuban government wants to own everything, every business, every house, every building or hotel, everything period! This is how the Communist work.