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“Bams won’t do anything in retaliation.

In the midst of ever growing numbers of cyber attacks, and more serious attacks, I find it ironic that people look at me like I just crawled out of a cave somewhere when I say I don’t do any banking online on account it only increases the chance of me being hacked. The younger relatives think it is quaint that I write checks. And that I have atlases in my vehicles on the basis that they’ll still work when the smart phones don’t. I suspect they don’t know how to read a map. Most are perplexed that I have a cheap flip phone on account I have no use for a smart phone. I only want to make the occasional phone call is all, though I can text with it if needed. I read real books and have no desire for a tablet or kindle or whatever.

Lots of folks won’t know what to do when their modern technological marvels stop working.