Don’t forget, as a ‘foreigner’ from the US in another country, if the US goes down, you might find yourself a target from the locals. Most of us cannot hide our skin color nor our speech. It would take many years, in my opinion, to integrate into another, totally different society and culture. And even then, as Selco has often pointed out, just being the ‘outsider’ can cost you when things get bad.

Here in the US, even though it has gone almost totally down the tubes in the past 6 years (and of course it began years previously)–most of us are familiar with the environment, the resources, the culture, the worldview. And can survive fairly well within that framework. In another country, no matter what it looks like from a tourist standpoint–or someone’s ‘rating’ list–actually living there full time is a VERY different story. Especially if you are not the ‘rich’ short-term foreign visitor, but trying to share scarce resources in bad times.