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WhiteKnight, none of us can know the future but sometimes we can look to the past. The town I came from in MA is about 350 years old. It survived devastating Indian attacks twice and a multitude of smaller scale attacks. During one period of the French & Indian Wars those who lived inside the palisade opened their homes every night for those who lived outside the palisade to find safety for the night should the Indians attack. Over the centuries the Town survived the excesses of Mother Nature again and again as well as depressions and economic dislocations. For all of those many generations every year the townspeople gathered as they still do for Town Meeting to discuss and decide upon all of the Town’s business, with all having an equal say and an equal vote. The people are in charge, not Mayors and Town Councils. For centuries volunteers and committees have done much of the Town’s work. Come SHTF I can all but guarantee the first thing that would happen is a Town Meeting would be convened and volunteers and committees would kick in to do what is needed by the community. It is part of the Puritan heritage in which you have community responsibility and individual accountability. It is a typical small New England town. The culture I describe no longer exists in our urban/suburban areas but in the countryside it does. I have only been part of my current community in Vermont for 5 years and I haven’t been as involved with Town affairs as I had been in MA, but the underlying culture is the same. It is what I understand and it is what I am comfortable with. New England is home. Whatever comes our way, we’ll give it our best shot.