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A lot of people have already left the country…. in their minds. Too many problems here. The more you see of the world though you find other nationalities have it worse. There’s a whole free floating mass of displaced people around trying to make new homes for themselves. Its fun to visit – for awhile, but not forever. bug out is extreme if you’re already well established where you are in life. Of course if someone is trying to kill you or you’ve got massive family problems, well then there’s nothing to lose.
And then there’s this guy….
The story of Lawrence J. Franks Jr. was in my local paper recently. West Pointer 28 he was in the 10th Mountain Division Fort Drum in charge of a medical unit. He buged out and became a deserter. He went to France and joined the Foreign Legion 5 year contract under an assumed name. Getting out he turned himself in to the US army and now is serving a 4 year sentence in prison for conduct unbecoming an officer.

Sometimes bugging out is just a short walk to a jail cell. Hope he has offshore assets in a safe place. Must have gotten good experience.