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Tolik, Remember Cubans are from the Caribbean which means that Cubans are a mix culture like the U. S.

First remember Cuba was invaded by the English which is why blacks are there, also the English came with some other Europeans, from France, Italy. Then the English traded Cuba for Florida from Spain, that is the reason Cubans use Spanish and not English. So then the island got many Spaniards. With the Spaniards came some Chinese, Portuguese too. Along the way we also got a lot of Jews so there is a large population of Cuban Jews which many came to the U. S. and live with the Jews in Miami Beach.

So my point is when you say more Latins it is not the same as a South American or Central American country.
But I do agree that the real problem is many that are there now where the ones that agreed with the communist ways and now know what that is so they would love to come over. The Cubans in Miami do not like them very much.

If you walked by me on the street you would not know I was born in Cuba, I look like many other Americans. I am more of a European descent.

Now I know when I see a Mexican, a South American or a Central American.