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MountainBiker, I was born in Cuba came when I was four years old, am now 57 and have never gone there. China was a big mistake for the U. S., look at what has happen since. They are slowly destroying America. Cuba is a lot smaller but we need not forget that they wanted the Russian nuclear weapons on the island, remember. Why do we need them for? Let them be isolated from the world. Castro is the reason why Venezuela is communist, they also help Nicaragua.
At this time if we help there economy they will use that money to turn more governments in Central and South America Communist. They have been helping the Colombian rebels for over 20 years, funding them with arms and cash. I have family members in jail for over 30 years there just because they talked on the streets bad about the Castro government. We need to first stop doing business with dictators and communist.

Communist do not change, has it changed China? Not much, look at what has happen in Hong Kong the Chinese do not care about the democratic demonstrators. We have tried this in the middle east counties also and look what happens, they hate us and it has not changed them.