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Even if you are the greatest prepper in the world, at some point all your prepackaged, freeze-dried foods will be gone and your tools will broken, stolen or lost. You will be forced to turn to your local bioregion for supplying your needs. Some people will be lost. Others will be just fine.

Potero, I think it’s a choice. Some people are gear heads. I used to have “the best” outdoor equipment for my adventures. I was like a tourists in the woods with my bubble of civilization around me. It would have never occurred to me to live off the land. Hell, I wouldn’t even light a fire except in an emergency!

How things have changed. Primitive skills rock. I’m still learning, but it has been some of the best learning of my life. Learning how to re-purpose garbage into useful tools has changed my life. In the end, I think it just might “free me” from needing so called civilization. Now, that’s radical!

Potero, I just saw this post by Todd at Survival Sherpa. You might find it interesting. Todd and I seem to be walking the same path: