Very cool.. good find 74… very, very cool…

It’s interesting that the mace used in the Siege of Jerusalem makes an appearance almost 700 years later in the trenches of WWI… I suppose if you have a genuine need to clout someone in the head, Old School is still the best school… :)

Tobacco makes its appearance as an issue item right around the time of the American Colonies, then disappears..

I know there’s nobody left to ask for most of this stuff, but one wonders which items got dumped first. Most of this stuff is the stuff they make you carry… once you get in the field, some of that stuff gets dumped. Some from necessity – the guy at Arnhem wouldn’t have any use for the parachute in the upper left hand corner the second his feet hit the ground – it would have been abandoned. On the other hand, Arnhem guy is carrying 16 magazines of 9mm (that I counted) – that’s a pretty good bit of weight, and it wouldn’t be abandoned.

Some are funny… check out that huge Gen 1 boat anchor of a night sight for Falklands guy. We had the same thing. Never used it. Most times, we left it in its transit case. It was almost next to useless anyway.

Still, a very cool find, Mr. 74…. some things never change.

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