Obama – classical narcissist and a post turtle. He doesn’t do anything his handlers don’t tell him to do… he’s more concerned with being seen as the President than actually being the President… loves the trappings and the bowing and scraping, because it feeds his ego… but he doesn’t much like putting in the work.

However, he has surrounded himself with some fairly smart people. Evil, devious, petty, maniacal people… but they’re not stupid. Especially Jarrett. She rules the US the same way Rasputin ruled Russia… the power behind the throne…

Low oil prices hurt Russia and Putin.

Cui bono?

We do… well, specifically Obongo does. He’s got a beef with Putin for Putin making him look like the lightweight fool he is… repeatedly. If oil prices tank, it’s to Obongo’s benefit twice over – he gets to take credit for low oil prices (which keeps Joe Baggadonuts happy) and hurts Putin. A twofer.

I smell a deal.

The only way we could have pulled this off is to somehow cut a deal with the ragheads. They wouldn’t agree to the price of oil tanking unless there was an even bigger payoff down the road for them…

Whatever it was we promised, it was substantial…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1