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Mal I had not considered it quite so bluntly as you put it but I guess shooting them would be in mode of self preservation. This facility is actually several units spread throughout the county. Things may be different in smaller facilities but the facility here is quite large with 15,400 some odd inmates. Some of the worst of the worst are here. I believe it would be a service to the greater good as well as self preservation. With that large of a number of inmates scattered throughout the county chances are pretty good you may run into one of them.

74 I did not weigh in on the rights discussion mentioned but one thing I do know is that often times criminals, once they are incarcerated tend to learn new tricks while on the inside. There are always exceptions but again we are talking about a SHTF situation not day to day life. If an individual is still inside then there is a good chance they have not reformed. I don’t think I could sleep at night during SHTF knowing there was an inmate free in my town who may or may not have straightened up and might be acting out against someone’s child or another member of my community. I would not want it on my conscience. My act of sympathy becomes my responsibility. There is no easy or right answer. There is just the safest answer.