@ 74,

You: On one thread the talk is give all the felons the right to own guns and on this thread people want to shoot everyone felon or not to be safe.

Me: Seems contradictory, yeah? :)

You: No comment

Me: Except we’re not advocating “shooting everyone, felon or not, to be safe”… are we? My comment was originally meant to tweak you a little, out of fun… no harm in fun, is there?

But, your intentional mis-statement aside, my position isn’t contradictory. It’s very simple.

If a person commits a violent crime against another person, punishment should be swift and merciless. If they don’t rate execution, and will be released eventually, then their suspended rights should be restored in full.

If they are deemed too dangerous to be trusted with all their rights, then they should not be released. Those who have not committed a violent crime, but are only guilty of violating some stupid regulation, should not be in prison in the first place, nor stuck with the stigma of “felon” following them around forever…

Which leaves, by default, only violent criminals in prison who do not rate execution. In a SHTF scenario, instead of releasing these individuals who we have already deemed too dangerous to trust on the outside, their life sentences are converted to execution – to be carried out immediately.

See? Not contradictory at all.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1