@ 74,

I will implement these as soon as I am declared King…

I will implement all of these, get declared “rex justus“, then abdicate the throne with no pension or compensation – retiring to my little farm to live out my life in peace…

What everyone does after I fix everything is a problem for another generation..

Edit: I was going to post a couple more installments… but, meh…

– Tort reform
– Judges selected from strict constructionist Constitutional scholars and not lawyers.
– Term limits for Judges.
– Implement a version of the old Roman Republic’s concept of “Consul” – two guys elected simultaneously to oversee the court system, each with veto powers over the other, each to serve one year. These two Constitutional scholars – strict constructionists elected by their peers – can overrule any court, including the Supreme Court, the President and Congress, but only when both are in agreement. They would be a final check on usurped power.
– Limit prison terms and the stigma of “felon” for criminal behavior where there is a clear victim. No more “felony” convictions for violating stupid regulations that some alphabet agency made up out of thin air by “re-interpreting” their own guidelines.
– Alphabet agencies have to publicly renew their charter every 4 years – but not during an election year. They have to justify their existence with a full review – to not only both houses of Congress and the President, but also the Citizenry… if what they are doing is at cross-purposes with the Constitution, they are gone…
– Abolish the PATRIOT Act, NDAA, NFA34, The War on Drugs, no more prisons-for-profit…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1