Up next – District Attorneys and their cronies…

This one is short, sweet and to the point –

- If someone works for the District Attorney’s Office, serves as an Assistant District Attorney or the District Attorney himself, or a Federal Prosecutor in any way, then those individuals will be banned from elected or appointed political positions for life.

Too many DA’s and ADA’s consider the Office of the Prosecutor to be a springboard for higher political office. Which means they don’t give two squirts of p*ss about Justice. They only thing that matters to them is their conviction rate, so that they can stand up in front of the electorate and crow about their “great conviction rate” and pretend to be all about Law and Order….

It’s Kabuki Theater. All of it. There are no “Harvey Dent’s” in America – those concerned primarily with the pursuit of true justice and not with their own career. The only thing they care about, is what every other politician cares about (for that is what they are, at heart) – power. Who has it. Who has more. How to increase their own power and how to stay in power as long as possible…

Take away the juicy carrot of higher political office, and you remove the self-serving political dirtbags who don’t care who they railroad, so long as their precious conviction rate is not endangered….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1