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matt76 wrote:
I did a quick Internet search and found this site. I couldn’t view the first video but the written explication sums up what i was talking about above. If you follow the Jewish calendar farther back there several other US economic events that follow the cycle.


For those who wish to save time, the day is
September 15, 2015 and basically 2 of the 7 year cycles past the Jewish Calendar occurrence associated with 9/11.
I am just wondering if this (9/15/15) will mark the 2nd Jubilee* we have missed as a nation? That is a 7 x 7 cycle, which equals 49, and the 50th year is an entire year of debt forgiveness and all that goes along with it. We have had 2 of these super-cycles since the F’ed Reserve has been instituted…

*iirc, this was called “the Year of the Favor of the LORD”.

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