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Aayla, I would likely trust that person as well. I very casually know a guy who went to jail for manslaughter. He is a friend’s son and I am confident he has zero risk of recidivism. He was hunting and took a shot at what he thought was a bear, except it was man in dark clothing bent over picking some plant. He panicked and fled, and the man died as a result. He subsequently turned himself in, served his time, and then slowly began rebuilding his life in the same honest work for a living style he had before going to jail. It was a tragedy that should never have occurred and one that he made worse by panicking. In his case he paid what society deemed was the price of his crime and there is no chance it would occur again. The problem is that society and our laws don’t have any mechanisms to differentiate him from a drug cartel gang member convicted of manslaughter when it comes to their rights after serving their sentence.