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Well getting to a universally accepted judicial system seems far fetched. Tell me how this will be structured.

I’ll tell you up front, I’m no lawyer or expert jurist. Nor do I have all the answers… only some.

I can only observe what is broken and make suggestions for crude fixes…

First, we all know the court system – from the cops to the jailers – is rigged against the little guy. We can start by taking the incentive for personal gain and profit out of it.

- Civil Asset Forfeiture This is where the cops get to charge not you with a crime, but your stuff.

They can, have and will, stop people for any reason – or no reason except maybe a “feeling” – and if that person is found carrying an amount of money that the cop deems “not normal” (whatever that is) then they can legally steal your money and say “prove you got this legally, and we’ll give it back”… most times, the amount of money is less than what legals fees would be to get it back, so most folks don’t bother with the hassle. This IS armed robbery under Color of Law. And they get away with it, year after year. And because whatever they steal goes directly to supporting their agency (overtime pay, etc) the incentive is to go out and rob again and again… it’s in their best interest to do so.

Here… this guy is funny as h*ll, but he’s not wrong…

More to follow (jury nullification, for-profit prisons, jurist selection, etc..)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1