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A lot of different aspects of the issue here. Too many people are going to jail, particularly as a result of the failed War on Drugs, and the laws need to change. The system doesn’t differentiate between the many types of felonies when it comes to gun prohibitions and the laws need to change. Prisons release predators and psychopaths who should never walk free which introduces a judgement factor that society doesn’t know how to deal with. Two people go to jail for the very same offense and get the same sentence. One is rehabilitated or had extenuating circumstances of some sort and will not pose a danger to society when he gets out. The other remains a clear and present danger. Tools need to be developed to recognize and act upon the difference. Until all of these changes can be made we are left with the reality of the current situation which is unfair to some and looks to protect society from others. All of this will be moot come SHTF because in the absence of a vast criminal justice system industry should big govt. cease to exist, communities will revert back to old systems where justice was sure and swift and we wouldn’t be so worried about those who were released back into society.