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That must be a 36 inch bowsaw blade Mors has around his waist. Its been a long time since I used a bucksaw but I could probably make one from scratch. In the winter I switch to suspenders for comfort. Its a good idea for a compression strap around a backpack. I have a sven saw that I use generally. The blade is sharp and cuts fast. Different tooth pattern than a bowsaw. There are two sizes one short and a bigger one for larger limbs. My kit is a get home kit. For one of those crazy emergencies I also carry three blizzard survival bags. They’re a doubled up mylar sleeping bag. I tend to carry a lot of stuff, more than I need. Winter is nasty so I have a canadian military parka and snow boots in my vehicle plus mainstay survival bars and water in foil packets jic.
Where Mors gets his rope I have no idea. Its flat? The only type thats like that is kevlar winch rope. Its really high load. I replaced my steel atv cable with it and bought an extra 50 foot length for my pack. It comes in green and other colors. For winter use I.ve got an arctic doublewalled military canteen with a cook pot that fits on the bottom. its always good to have a few condoms and socks around for extra storage. The Atlas kind – unlubricated.
*changed the bowsaw blade to 36 inch from 30 inch, just to be more useful. It would take a lot of sawing to wear that out. They are also hard to find here, but readily available on amazon. duh