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you are throwing stones of what you think is reasonable to take people rights away with it is perfectly in line statement. how is disarming them any different than handing them a death sentence if they happen to be at the cafe with a gun man? you dont answer what if everyone armed.

as for the fact of voting for me in a shft world… i dont need your vote. in the current world that you had brought forth voting is a concern how can you trust someone you cant give a gun to to vote in choosing who can legally point a gun at you and take your stuff? with your logic criminals would vote criminals so very true now we end up back to exactly what is happening. how many people can get robbed with “fines fees or taxes” each day? much more than any gun wielder could get would you not say?

this is insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result time to change how we deal with a problem. your way is do the same thing how is that going to change anything? you want your progeny’s world to be brighter look for a better solution you owe them that much.

the problem is you fear others think no one is capable of change no one is trust worthy other than a corrupt law system, when shft happens what really are you going to do live in a hole? not go out? everyone is armed. please think if changes are not done before many more will perish, those who trust and rely on you to keep them safe. Shoot first throw the stone you dont have enough anger hours or bullets to get them all. you tell a man i dont think you deserve a weapon after and you had better be able to enforce it and bet your life.

if everyone armed right now, country goes to hell atleast they will think before doing things that end in conflict because they can die. without that you will have people who have no skill no guns against the ones that do. in this we will lose many people you will need to rebuild.

you never said what crimes 74 would merit the no guns? same ones people would kill you for? then it is not really a problem is it. could you do it or would you have to look away as justice is done? maybe to your friends and family after all in this world in usa it is a crime “felon” as of dec 24 2014 to own a “weapon of war” as signed by your president with the UN treaty this summer.

you going to go and turn yourself in you criminal?