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Arming psychopaths, is exactly what you do with gun control cant you see your flawed thinking? you give
the man a vote but not a gun? how many can he kill with a gun? how many have been voted to death?

what you suggest restricting rights is just the path that we are on the path taken, do you like it? do you think it will get better with more control?

how long will a psychopath last in that society? show me one gun show robbery? why?

i suggest arming everyone an armed society is a polite one. Everyone armed means everyone equal but for training.

There are those that deserve death, that is for the village to decide. If deemed able to return then as a full person or call it what it is slavery as it is.

of those killed how many armed? thats right 0 what would have happened if they where armed citizen, criminal or not.

would that man have gotten a gun anyways and done what he did? Can you stop that? Can laws or for all your posturing stuck in a rut of thinking that leads nowhere but here.