@ 74,

That’s the whole point – that guy wouldn’t get released in Corriban…

Upon conviction of his 6 murders, he would be given one appeal. After that, he gets a week to get right with the Almighty – if he so chooses – and then I would:

Make him dig the graves of the people he’d killed.
Dig his own grave.
Then, I’d give the surviving family the options of deciding method of execution.
Also the opportunity to throw the lever/switch, etc, if they want retribution. If not, a suitable individual will be appointed.
Any possessions of his will be sold and the funds divided up between the surviving immediate family.

But, some guy who sells a bag of weed when he’s 18? If he wants to go deer hunting when he’s in his 30’s, you can hardly say that he’s in the same class as dude who just shot and killed 6 people…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1