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My thoughts may be slightly different than others.

Most of the economic forecasters that I follow predict an economic collapse anytime between 4Q2015 and 4Q2016.

By this time next year the Empire of Amerika will be 19+ Trillion in the “Official Hole” and when using GAAP, the Imperial Debt will stand at 207+ Trillion.

Somewhere down the short path, the world will lose “faith” in the Dollar and then the brown poo will hit the oscillating rotor.

The Imperial Mandarins will order a “Bank Holiday” of some duration, likely two weeks, which I believe will be extended as needed. EBT Cards will not work. Neither will your ATM, Debit or Credit Cards and you will be unable to cash a check. How long until the ten minority majority cities begin to burn?

How will all State/Local/Federal Employees get paid? Military? Veterans?

How will private employers pay their employees?

So many possibilities for collapse it stuns the mind.