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For those reloading for shotguns, I’d recommend taking a look at the molds from Sharp Shooter USA.

I try and keep of my gear as compact and as portable as possible. All of my reloading tools, including those for shotgun ammo, are in a single .50cal ammo can. In a separate .50cal can is my casting gear.

I wanted to be able to cast both 00 buckshot and #4 buckshot. Lee makes a separate mold for each, and I like Lee molds. However, they are expensive and take up a fair amount of room.

A while back I found an excellent mold from Sharp Shooter USA that is compact and it’s about the same size as my 1oz Lee 12ga slug mold. On one side it will cast ten 00 buckshot and on the other it will cast ten #4 buckshot. I like the quality and it’s easy to use. The sprue holes are easy to hand pour with a dipper. The handles get a bit hot so wear welding gloves or attach larger/longer handles.