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If you can take away someone rights forever for something they do in the past means you dont think anyone can ever change. look at yourself from your youth…. never done anything that is now illegal? A felony? Whats difference between you and others you seek to take their rights away? Time? change? Are you some person? Never done anything that could be considered illegal now?

If someone is that dangerous then maybe they should be killed? Take away their rights forever their chance to change after all its not your family not your blood. If you dont think anyone can change then merely thinking of a criminal act should be prosecutable as if you had done crime after all people dont change if they think it they will do it right?

SO if you have ever thought a violent thought and dont believe anyone can change you should not own gun right? We all change over time through the world around us the interactions we have. yes there are some people who will just be bad, just like there will always be people over doing any questionable thing.
How we should deal with them is a real issue for now or for later. I am with malgus on the need to re classify crime and criminal tags. I also strongly believe we have gone way way too far with rules and regulations, we do this through government and its okay if it is legal… remember the nazi’s it was all legal too. We do things with government as our shield our our disconnect with our morals and conscience.

How would you separate crimes in your own village?