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I am completely against gun registration because I am of the firm belief that it will end up leading to confiscation. History had proven that, time and again. The only people that will register their guns will be the law-abiding folks that have taken their share of the kool-aid. We all know that the criminals will not be registering theirs. I guess that if I owned any guns, I would have to be one of those criminals. Not only would confiscation lead up to being defenseless when the other criminals came to take my stuff, but I think here in the Midwest that it would lead up to an ecological nightmare.
In my state we have deer, lions, turkeys, grouse, pheasents and other wild game. Each year, the Game, Fish,and Parks regulates how many of each may be harvested in order to control the species so they don’t over populate the available habitat. If left unchecked, soon the deer population would overtake the amounts that they could consume and massive starvation would ensue.In the meantime the ranchers would find themselves feeding the deer and antelope with their corn crops and grass that their domesticated animals need to survive. Also the lion population would increase because there were more deer to feed on. I can think of few things that would cause me more panic than to meet a lion , when I was feeding my animals, without some means of defending myself. This not something that would happen overnight but over several years. We have had several instances over the past years when lions have come into a town because there was not enough to eat in their natural habitat. They were dispatched by a gun, some by John Doe Citizen and some by the Police. Some were tranquilized by GFP but most did not wait for them to get there. This is not going to occur during my lifetime, but if guns were confiscated, then I would have to advise my children and grandchildren to get themselves a fly-swatter with an extra long handle to threaten the lion that if he didn’t behave, I will spank him. I guess that would work with the two-legged predators as well, huh.
Rant is over, Iwill now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcasting. Ron S