@ 74 (and others)…

Rearming recidivis criminals is not such a great idea.

I know this might sound like a cop-out on its face, but trust me, it’s not when I say “It depends“…

What it depends on, is the nature of the felony the individual was locked up for.

Like I mentioned before, a great deal of “felons” are convicted and locked up not for criminal violations of the law, but of violating the “regulations” of some alphabet agency that “reinterpreted” it’s own guidelines to expand it’s own power. That, and for stupid stuff like owning a particular plant or weed… or that they decided – as an adult – to consume a particular substance.

You all might think it a contradiction, but it’s not. If someone axe-murders an entire family, then execute him. Same for child molestation, treason, etc… But if someone wants to ferment some leftover corn and brew up some ‘shine, well, why throw that guy in prison or convict him of a felony? If I want to consume a particular substance, and I am an adult, who gets to tell me what I can and cannot consume? So long as I do it in the privacy of my own home or on my own land, who cares? I am hurting no-one..

If we could keep dangerous people off the streets in the next iteration whatever that might be ok. But the idea criminals do there time and come out of the can cured and ready to re enter society as good little plebs is laughable.

I never said beans about “curing” anyone… I said their debt was paid and all their rights that were necessarily suspended were reinstated upon release. I never said one word about their character.

I reiterate – if a person is so dangerous that they cannot be trusted with all their rights out amongst the larger world, then we have no business releasing them in the first place.

Alternatives? Execution. Banishment. Life in prison. But only for capital crimes, not for stupid violations of some obscure regulation that some alphabet agency just invented on their own and didn’t tell anyone about…

Example: Someone makes a couple gallons of home-made hooch, gets busted and tossed into prison for a couple years. Is that going to help anyone? Not one damn bit. He’ll only come out a worse (or better, depending on your viewpoint) criminal. The only thing that will help is to decriminalize what he’s doing. You would have thought we learned our lesson back during Prohibition….

Edit: What about a guy – or gal – who wants to grow a few pot plants on their land? For their own consumption, on their own time, in their own home… they have no kids, so who cares? Not my business to tell anyone what they can or cannot consume…

Or what about hemp? Used to be, they made rope and clothing out of it. It was so profitable and useful, George Washington grew acres of it. It’s distantly related to the marijuana plant, but has so little THC in it, you’d have to smoke several 100 lb. bales of it simultaneously just to get a buzz… but, that doesn’t matter to our Nanny State handlers… you grow it, you go to prison and George Washington be damned…

You ever hear about the first person arrested in “The War on Drugs”? He was a doctor. A medical doctor. Dude got caught with ONE puny joint of dirt weed on him and they threw him in prison for 10 years.

10 years. For having a tiny amount of some stuff that grows along the side of the road…

His life was OVER. Lost his license, lost his family, lost his livelihood… This is justice?

And what about criminals who are given the option of joining the military or going to prison? It still happens, to this day it still happens.

So, instead of sending them to prison, we train them to kill professionally and put military grade weapons in their hands…

You see a massive contradiction here?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1