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Opinions on this will be all over the place and each one of them partially correct because there are all types of personalities within the correctional systems. Back in the 70’s I knew people that found their way into jail. They all did stupid stuff and most, of them were not a threat under normal circumstances, one of them tryed to fire bomb a house and he was not a person you’d be paticularly scared of. I did meet a wack job that was arrested for having a lady frozen in the freezer about a year after I was there and it was obvious he was dangerous.

I also worked in a state mental hospital back then in the criminally insane ward, where many patients were given 1000 cc of thorazine to keep them from being out of control in violent fits.

A segment will go home, some (probably lots) will loot along the way, and others will be like characters out of a Mad Max movie.