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I hope and pray that at the point of leaving to go tend to their family’s the prison guards have enough sense to load the armory in their trunk and take those weapons with them,I believe they will do exactly that ,they deal with sycos on a daily basis can’t see them not thinking they will be targets of escaped prisoners,and they pro ally will be ,these people been locked up for a long time ,will be out for blood,anybody’s,they aren’t going home,most won’t even have one to go to if they wanted to,there gonna go find the nicest ,closest,most comfortable looking home thy come cross,god have mercy on the occupants,if their not prepared,they have been without women,good food and drugs for some time,that’s what they will be after first,then if the homes they invade have weapons,it will be bad ,that might sound dramatic to one of you ,maybe all ,don’t know,just what I would expert in a total societal breakdown because all the evil locked inside the heart of mankind will have no bounds,if they think its the end of the world then for them it is,they will act accordingly,I think all that restrains evil at all is the looking twords the punishment,the determent prison maybe death pro ally prison more than death,they know that possibility goes along with that life style,most of them don’t care if they live or die but they are afraid of prison espically the ones that have all ready been,they get institutionalized can’t take care in the free world wind right back in,I have known many kinds of people seen them do unimagined things ,people in prisons ,mental institutions, local jails,all at once leet go,or left to starve to death,someone will have decisions to make,we better pray they have common sense and a really good plan in place.