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Good idea. Stealth….. I’m doing primitive skills, but for long range, the fartherest I can achieve is about 20 yds with a blowgun, which can be lethal ~` darts made of shishkabob scewers and thistle down. When I was younger, I could throw knives and hatchets pretty good….could practice that too, I suppose. Stealth is good, I think. In ‘hide and seek’, the one who moves first looses. I’m thinking about how it is when you work with horses. They pack a lot of weight and force, but you are in control when you get into their heads. Haven’t made spears or atalatals yet. Or a bow….May be good winter projects, and skills to build. I don’t want to depend on an endless supply of ammo, or the noise of a g u n.
Primitive stealth may not be such a bad idea.It would be unexpected, huh? I’ll watch more of those historical Korean films of war. They were pretty fierce.