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If someone commits murder, hang them, if they commit a robbery imprison them, etc.

However, what is happening now is that for literally every offense the person is given a life sentence to belong to an untouchable caste within our society. That is utterly wrong and against everything this country was founded on. At some point you have to take the moral high ground.

People behave the way they do in prison because of the culture there. They adapt or they get chewed up and spit out. Once out, their sentence should be up, they should be freed, and 100% of their rights restored. If they cannot behave again, then send them back to jail for any crimes they commit.

Keep in mind that the USA now has a larger prison system than the old Soviet Union. Some figures from Amnesty International I saw many moons ago estimated that about 1/3 of everyone in US prisons is outright innocent of what they are in there for. Over 90% of the convictions in this country are plea bargains because people cannot afford to fight the system, and prosecutors can lie with impunity just to rack up a score card. There are also a whole pile of things nowadays which are felonies, many of them bureaucratic infractions.

What that says is that the system is hideously broken.