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I hear what you are saying Malgus about folks having paid for their crimes when they exit prison, and that’s good in theory but these days our prisons are chock full of gang members that have no intention of doing anything but resume their life of crime when they get out. I suspect in the old days folks like them would have just been hung and been done with it but that’s not what happens anymore. Where I would make exceptions are for those for whom their crimes were non-violent and did not include use of weapons in the committing of those crimes. White collar and regulatory crimes basically. I’m willing to consider that those folks have paid for their crimes when they finish their jail sentence and then be able to own guns again. For those convicted of violent crimes and crimes that involved use of weapons I think it is appropriate for their sentence to include a forfeiture of their gun rights in perpetuity. In that sense the period behind bars is just the 1st phase of their sentence. Very few of these people are ever truly rehabilitated.

I am also OK with seriously mentally ill people forfeiting their gun rights, but only with due process that clearly establishes their mental illness is at a level which warrants loss of their gun rights, not just a single mental health professional or police authority saying so. I realize this is a slippery slope, but the real world is a scarier place than the theoretical world in which everyone has unlimited rights.